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How to print your first NFT?

You bought your first NFT and now you want to have it physically at home? Yes it is possible with FlowNFT

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August 19, 2021
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You bought your first NFT and now you want to have it physically at home? Yes it is possible with FlowNFT. It's nice to have an image in the form of pixels on your Opensea, Foundation or other NFT marketplace, it's still better to have it physically in the walls of your home. Like a real piece of art.

The first question one might ask, how to print my NFT?

How to print your first NFT?

1) Get your first NFT

Buy your first NFT on a marketplace like Opensea, Rarible, Binance NFT, Solanart...

marketplace nft

2) Upload your best NFT on FlowNFT

Upload your NFT on FlowNFT to preview it before you buy it and display it at home. A specific need, frame, format? Contact the FlowNFT team to print a custom NFT.

upload nft to print

3) Order your NFT

Order your NFT on FlowNFT. Nothing could be easier and the order can also be done in crypto-currency on demand. Print my NFT now →

4) Display it at your home

A few days later, you receive your very high quality physical NFT (FlowNFT produced and delivered anywhere in the world within 4 days)

display nft home

Offer a NFT as a gift 🎁

You want to give a gift to a friend and instead of presenting him your wallet or your opensea account, you prefer to give him a real gift? Offer him a printed NFT; we do it on demand for the same price. Contact FlowNFT

Is my NFT unique?

The NFT purchaser owns nothing more than their token on the blockchain. NFTs are tokens that represent an asset, completely separate from the assets themselves.Because every NFT represents a unique asset, a single NFT can’t be duplicated while maintaining the same value as the original. Many equate this exclusive.

When FlowNFT prints your NFT, you also receive an authenticity label including the unique NFT number and an associated QR code

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A physical version of your NFT at your home. High quality only.

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